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Held on 22nd March and Judged by Peter Espley, our Wildlife and Nature competition resulted in 10 DPI images and 5 prints scoring a maximum of 20.

DPI winners:  (click on image for details)


Hasje Mousley – Sweet Purple - 1st

Russel Hynard – Spider in web - joint 2nd

Martyn Scurrell – Horny Ram – joint 2nd

Mark Rivers – Devotion  - 3rd

Margaret Shaw – Natures Amazing colours

Mark Rivers – Little Turn

Harvey Perkins – Blue meets Green

Russel Hynard – Owl and Prey

Harold Mousley – Ice Flowerhead

Ian Parker – Mr Bearded Tit


Mr Bearded Tit - Ian Parker Little Turn - Mark Rivers owl and prey - Russell Hynard BLUE MEETS GREEN - HARVEY  PERKINS Ice Flowerhead - Harold  Mousley 'Horny Ram' - Martyn Scurrell Devotion - Mark Rivers Natures Amazing Colours - Margaret  Shaw spider in web - Russell Hynard Sweet Purple - Hasje Mousley

Print Winners all scoring 20:


Beautiful Swallowtail – Ian Parker -1st

Catching the sun – David Garnham – joint 2nd

Juvenile great spotted woodpecker – Ann Laverock – joint 2nd

Wings of an Angel – Dave Edwards – 3rd

Swan race – Ella Garnham


Swan race - Ella Garnham Juvenile Great Spotted Woodpecker - Ann Laverock IMG_0295AB Catching The Sun David Garnham