Print Competition Rules


Prints should be mounted 50cm x 40cm and backed irrespective of print size.

Stickers will be supplied to be placed on top left hand corner of print when viewed from back.


Please write titles in BLOCK CAPITALS


3 prints maximum per member per competition.

 Image titles should be sent to Print Secretary 1 week prior to competition

Print secretary: Dave Edwards -

Any changes or cancellation of competitions will be notified via website


Digital Image Competition Rules


Images to be saved in the following format:


Colour Space- sRGB

Format - jpeg saved at its 'finest setting'

        Save file as - Image name then Photographer name i.e. - Pink rose - Dick Barton

Image Size - 1400 pixels wide x 1050 pixels high

2 Digital prints maximum per member per competition unless otherwise directed

Images should be sent to the DPI Secretary no later than the Sunday prior to the Competition.

 DPI Secretary: Tim Stott -



At the Committee Meeting on 5 September 2019 it was agreed that members can enter an image

in only ONE internal competition (No variations for other internal competitions eg colour to mono).