Early Morning - Essex

Sango Bay Durness - Mark Rivers

Seedhead - Jill Sullivan

Hawker.Hurricane - Ian Parker

Red Tulip - Russel Hynard

Yesterday to today  The Shard viewed from St Dunstains Church - Mark Rivers


Sunrise on the Stour - Colin Bailey

Fishing Expedition - David  Garnham

Wales Reservoir - Tim Stott


Cracking up - Richard Woollven

Shirley Valentine - David  Edwards

Docklands - Tim Stott

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The Hat Shop - Ella Garnham

The hat Shop - Ella Garnham

Cracking Up - Richard Woollven Red Tulip - Russell Hynard Sango Bay, Durness - Mark Rivers Docklands - Tim Stott Yesterday to today  The Shard viewed from St Dunst Seedhead - jill Sullivan Sunrise on the Stour - Colin Bailey Harbour Reflections- David Garnham [1]

Harbour reflections - David Garnham

Wales Reservoir - Tim Stott Fishing Expedition - David  Garnham Shirley Valentine - David  Edwards Hawker.Hurricane - Ian Parker