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Our Photography As Art Competition was held on November 22nd

and judged by Roger Winter.


Winning prints were:


1st  Mark Rivers -  Ray Creek, Birds eye view -  20

2nd  Ann Laverock -  Boat Hull Sandings -  20

3rd  Mark Rivers - The Enchanted – 20


Others Highly commended - 20


John Laverock -  The Old Boat House -  20

Harvey Perkins - November-Pastel Sketch -  20



The Old Boathouse - John Laverock Enchanted - Mark Rivers The Tree Of Life,  Ray Creek    M Rivers Boat hull sandings - Ann Laverock Ox -eye Daisy - Ann Laverock Sarfend starburst - Tim Stott Last Rays at Dusk - Sallie Oakley Forest Floor - Sallie Oakley Hell Rider - John Laverock

PDI winning images  - (click on image for details)

Teasel - Kevin Cannings November a pastel sketch - Harvey Perkins