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Mono Print winners:


1st:        Farmers Boy - Mark Rivers

2nd:       Mysterious Woods - Russel Hynard

3rd:        Wild and wonderful - David Garnham

              Moonlit tree - John Laverock

Content with Life - Ian Parker Moonlit Tree.jpg - John Laverock Farmers Boy  M Rivers Wild & Wonderful David Garnham Mysterious Woods - Russel Hynard

Mysterious Woods by Russel Hynard

Farmers Boy by Mark Rivers

Moonlit Tree by John Laverock

Wild and Wonderful by David Garnham

Mono DPI winners:


1st:     Tigers Stare - Ian Parker

2nd:    Dandelions - Ann Laverock

           A Long Way Up - Russel Hynard

           Robot in Disguise - Graham Sharp

3rd:     Content with Life - Ian Parker

A long way up - Russell Hynard Robot in disguise - Graham  Sharp Tigers Stare - Ian Parker Dandelions - Ann Laverock

Content with Life by Ian Parker

A Long Way Up by Russel Hynard

Dandelions by Ann Laverock

Robot in Disguise by Graham Sharp

Tigers Stare by Ian Parker