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Manningtree & District Photographic Society Constitution



“Affiliated to the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain through the East Anglian Federation of Photographic Societies”



The Society shall be called “Manningtree & District Photographic Society”.



The Society has been established to provide a Centre for Members to develop their photographic and artistic skills and provide a Centre of Excellence for the exchange of ideas, information and expertise on Photography and Photographic Art.


Society Membership:

In pursuit of its Objectives, the Society shall be a member of the East Anglican Federation of Photographic Societies (EAF) and, through the EAF, is affiliated to the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain (PAGB).


Annual subscriptions to the PAGB are a condition of membership. Public Liability and Trustee Indemnity Insurance is arranged through the PAGB.



Individual Membership:

The Society is open to individuals who want to improve their knowledge, skills and enjoyment of the art of photography and who agree to support the objectives of the Society.


There are three levels of Membership:


Adult Members:pay full subscription

Adult Members spouses/partners:pay 50% of the full subscription

Junior Members (under 21):pay 50% of the full subscription


Membership subscriptions are payable by 1st September.


Application for Membership should be made on the Membership Application Form which is available from the Secretary.



Management of the Society:

The Officers of the Society shall comprise:





In addition to the Officers the Committee can include:

Programme Secretary

Competition Secretary - Prints

Competition Secretary - DPI’s

Exhibition/ Events Secretary

Officers without portfolio as and when required


All shall be elected or re-elected at the Annual General Meeting.  


The Officers and Committee Members of the Society will serve for a maximum of three years in the same role.

     In the absence of nominations from those present and eligible to vote at the AGM, and providing the incumbent is willing to continue in office, the     term  can be extended by one year.


The Chairperson must have previously served at least one year as an Officer of the Society or as a Committee member.


The Officers and Committee Members will manage the affairs of the Society on behalf of the members. A quorum, four members of the Committee with at least two Officers of the Society being part of the quorum, will be required to execute the business of the Society.


In the initial years of the Society, when membership numbers are small, one person may hold more than one Role if this is approved of at the AGM.



All Society monies will be paid into an account held in the name of the Society.


The Society Treasurer will be responsible for the finances of the Society.


The financial year shall end on the 31th March each year and the Treasurer shall present to the Annual General Meeting a financial statement of the preceding year’s transactions, any matters outstanding, projected expenses for the coming financial year and any financial recommendations.


Any cheques drawn on behalf of the Society will be signed by two  authorised signatories.



Annual General Meeting:

The AGM of the Society shall be held during April/May each year.


The business shall include:

Minutes of the previous AGM

Annual report of the Officers and Committee members

Statements of Accounts and Balance Sheet

Election of Officers and Committee Members

Any other business – (written notification to be received by the Secretary at least 7 days prior to the Meeting)

Special General Meeting:

A  SGM may be called at any time by the Committee upon receipt of a written request signed by at least 25% of the membership. 21 days notice must be given to all members of any Annual or Special Meeting with full particulars of the business to be transacted.


No business other than that appearing on the notice of the meeting shall be transacted.



All nominations and propositions for Annual or Special Meetings of the Society are required to be with the Secretary 21 days before the date of the meeting. ( A waiver to the 21 days may be granted if 75% of the Members agree)


Each proposition must be signed by two members of the Society as proposer and seconder.



The Society may be dissolved only by the consent of 75% of the members present at a Special General Meeting called for that purpose.


Such a meeting will appoint a competent person as a Liquidator who will be authorised to decide on the disposal of the Society funds and assets.



Any other business – (written notification to be received by the Secretary at least 7 days prior to the Meeting).



Amended  at AGM on 24.05.18.